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Upcoming Social Media Classes and Workshops

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Consciously Creating Your Online Presence 

Class via Zoom - June 18th  9:30-11:30am EDT
$47 per person

Former Students use discount code: REPEATER for 50% off
Santosha students use discount code: STUDENT for savings

Take a revitalizing look at consciously creating your online website and/or social media presence in this interactive workshop with content examples focused for holistic health and wellness practitioners but info applicable to all, sponsored by Santosha Holistic Services, as instructed by marketing and web strategist, Karen Sully of kDynamics.

This interactive workshop, with check lists and How-To Guides, will help those individuals, startups, and businesses that are just starting to develop their brand, or for those who might want to modernize their marketing efforts and identity online. Although we will go into specifics for Facebook Business Pages and Instagram, there will be plenty of marketing essentials for general use on other platforms as well as for websites.

Learn tips and discover concepts you may not have ever considered that matter most when connecting to your audience online. Specific examples and references will be made for holistic and wellness businesses, healers, and spiritual based businesses, however, the overall information and exercises will be helpful to all businesses.

Topics to be Covered Include: 

  • Optimizing your profiles

  • Developing your audience

  • Tools for attracting clientele

  • Building traffic to your accounts

  • Interacting as your FB Page/IG Account

  • Content ideas

  • Fundamentals of good posts/content

  • Hashtags

  • Testimonials and reviews

About the Instructor: Karen Sully

In addition to being a seasoned website designer, technology and marketing strategist as the principal of her own marketing and web design company: kDynamics, (celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year), Karen has also been a student of holistic studies as an energy healer, certified medium, astrologer, and a lightworker with interests in alternative healing modalities for most of her life, and most intentionally after suffering from burn-out in a graphic design/marketing role with a prominent global food company headquartered in Buffalo, NY.


Karen brings a dynamic and energetic approach to marketing/design and technology topics and shares relevant marketing savvy that reflects the latest digital trends and technology. She is unique in that she shares real world experience from her own journey as a business owner, working as both customer of and practitioner of services offered in the holistic health and metaphysical niche. Karen possesses the ability to translate technical information into executable and understandable action steps for us all to take yielding more success in not just business, but in our world as healers and agents of transformation.

Connect with Karen: Linked In and Facebook

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